10 Years in La La Land

I drove out to Los Angeles in August of 2006 with three amazing years at Boston’s Emerson College behind me and one final semester of classes in front of me. I was nervous yet excited by the prospect of living in the entertainment capital of the world for a few months, but unsure what the future held for me beyond the upcoming “study abroad” program. As my father and I made our way across the country in my 1997 Pontiac Grand Am (a car that we nearly had to abandon about halfway up Pike’s Peak in Colorado) I had every reason to believe I would be making the same trip in the other direction after about four months had passed.

But here I am ten years later, sitting on my couch in the same Hollywood apartment I moved into a decade ago, wondering where the time went (although I don’t have to wonder too hard, because my years on the west coast coincided with the sharp rise in photo-sharing on social media, for better or for worse). In short, the internship had turned into a job, the job led to the girl, and the girl led to the California wedding, an event I never would have predicted years ago as I gazed out the window of my Pontiac during my westward journey. So much has happened, so much has changed, so much has stayed the same.

And all of it has been great.

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Welcome to My Portfolio Site

I've finally gotten around to putting together a full-featured portfolio site, and although it's still a work in progress things are starting to come together.  My resumé is up, and my reel is also embedded (although it still has a few tweaks coming).  I'm hoping to get a bunch of full-length samples up soon as well. I'm not really sure yet what I'll be doing with this "blog" section other than posting general site updates, but maybe I'll find a creative use for it in the near future. Lastly, I hope to have everything moved over to DavidSous.com to make this official by the end of the week.  That's it for now!